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Free money giveaway if lucky

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Need help with moving.I go to court in januray for disabilty had two back surgeries don't have anyone to help me and my son. Please help!
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Give me a trusrtable site.
I am not a computer goru but I'll do my best.
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And see if this can help you with your mobile home.


Good luck


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The link you came in one is a man's link who gives away money but not much once in a while.

See if this can help your husband with dentures or dental work


For help with medicine see the below

What Friends of Man Does

Friends of Man provides the needy with the following; Food, Clothing, Medicine, Prostheses, Wheelchairs, Eyeglasses, Dentures, Medical Equipment, Daycare, Training and Education, Hearing Aids, and More!

Work from home jobs are below
You might get help from and try
I can understand about older cars or mobile homes getting expensive to fix as they get older as I experienced that with my car.
Hope this helps some

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I've been unemployed almost 2 years. My husband is retired. We sold our house/property and car, plus alot of our posessions. The most personal items are in storage. We live in an older 5th wheel camper (by choice) in Arizona for winter and back north around Ia, Il & Wi in the warmer months. We also have 2 small dogs. Our 5th wheel is getting older and repairs are getting expensive. We would really like a new 5th wheel with a big slide-out in the living area and a slide-out in the bedroom area.
we're living on my husbands social security and groceries begin to run out 2 weeks after the check come. I use coupons to make the money go further. Then there's prescriptions for meds, dogs need haircuts and I need eyeglasses. My husband also needs to get his dentures fixed.
We really need help....I don't know where to go anymore.
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